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Munk Foam is a professional foam sponge manufacturer which is founded in 2014, lead by 10 years industry experience. We have strong and advanced R&D capacity and superior equipment to occupy the market.

Full range of sponge foam types:

1.medical foam, oral swab, surgical sponge brush, surgical hand brush, suction swab, hydrophlic foam, polyester foam, polyurethane foam, packing foam. cell foam, filter foam, open cell EPDM, open cell EVA, open cell polyester foam.

3.Rubber foam, CR foam, EPDM foam, NBR foam, EPE foam, PE foam, XPE foam, IXPE foam, etc

Based on these sponge foam materials, we can manufacture any product foam related, sealing strips, packing foam, makeup tools, shoe industry, electronic industry, automobile industry, plant foam, etc

Sponge foam advantages

1.Be made through strip film processing. High porosity, the opening rate can reach 99%,

2.Good breathability and high mechanical strength; good flexibility, strong tension, fast dust filtrate speed and high dust filtrate rate, low resistance, chemical function is good. 

3.The cell size can be 10-100ppi, many choice.

4.Factory direct sell, great quality control.

5.Colors,size can be customized, free design.

6.Hardness and densitycan be according customers request.

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