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Surgical Brush With Nail Cleaner
  • Surgical Brush With Nail Cleaner
Surgical Brush With Nail Cleaner

Surgical Brush With Nail Cleaner

    Product details

    Name: Surgucal brush with nail cleaner

    Material: sponge with plastic scrubs.

    Size: customized

    Color: white,pink,green, blue, yellow, customized.

    Packing: customized

    Application: medical using, Home care, wound care,etc

    Shape: customized

    Certificate: CE, ISO,SGS,FDA, FSC

    Payment: TT, LC, Paypal, Payoneer etc

    OEM/ODM available

    Quality assurance:

    1. Skillful staff, veteran management, advanced machine, mature technology

    2. Standardized production line

    3. Manufactured in Class 100,000 Cleanroom

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    Surgical hand brush with nail cleaner is an essential tool used in healthcare settings to maintain high levels of hygiene and reduce the risk of infection during surgical procedures. This specialized brush from Munkfoam is designed to effectively clean the hands, nails, and forearms of surgical staff before entering the operating room.

    Surgical hand brush with nail cleaner features:

    1. Fingernail cleaner is included with each brush.

    2. Soft sponge detacheable to provide maximum gentle cleaning when required.

    3. Color coded by solution for easy identification.

    4. Surgical Scrub Brush line is latex free.

    Surgical hand brush with nail cleaner advantages:

    This surgical scrub brush is treated with ethylene oxide gas and wrapped individually to protect it from contamination prior to use.

    1. A gentile foam scrub brush used during bath time for babies and children.

    2. Soft foam sponge attached to a gentle bristle brush.

    3. Gentile,Soft,Sterile,Latex-free,Disposable,Safe for all skin types.

    4. Can be used to treat infantile cradle cap, a common skin condition with infants.

    5. Used by all ages, for all purposes! Multiple ways to use the Scalp Scrubbie!

    This type of surgical hand brush is used in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and surgical centers. It is a crucial tool for maintaining the highest level of hygiene during surgical procedures, and its use is mandated by regulatory agencies in many countries. By using a surgical hand brush with nail cleaner, healthcare professionals can ensure that their patients are receiving the highest level of care possible.

    If you are looking for wholesale surgical hand brushes with nail cleaner, welcome to contact us for more information!