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Suction Swab Toothbrush
  • Suction Swab Toothbrush
  • Suction Swab Toothbrush
  • Suction Swab Toothbrush
Suction Swab Toothbrush Suction Swab Toothbrush Suction Swab Toothbrush

Suction Swab Toothbrush

    Product details

    Name: suction swab toothbrush

    Material: sponge head with stick,etc.

    Size: customized

    Color: white,pink,green, blue, yellow,customized.

    Packing: customized

    Application: medical using, Home care, wound care,etc

    Shape: customized

    Certificate: CE, ISO,SGS,FDA, FSC

    Payment: TT, LC,Paypal,Payoneer etc

    OEM/ODM available

    Quality assurance:

    1. Skillful staff, veteran management, advanced machine, mature technology

    2. Standardized production line

    3. Manufactured in Class 100,000 Cleanroom

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    Regular oral care can help reduce your risk of pneumonia. Our single-use oral care suction swab system allows you to gently clean and suck out food debris and plaque from your mouth for those who have difficulty spitting. Nurses trust cotton swabs to clean your mouth, so you can rest assured of using hospital-quality products at home. Our products are manufactured under professional workshop and strict quality system control.

    Suction swab toothbrush features

    • Latex-Free Material: This suction toothbrush consists of soft bristles, a highly absorbent latex-free sponge and a white PP plastic tube

    • Easy Mouth Cleaning: Connects directly to a standard straw, the tube has an extra hole to help suction saliva more easily and clean the solution in the mouth

    • Durable: We use high quality materials to connect the bristles and handle to ensure its durability

    • Gentle, Safe and Comfortable: The suction toothbrush is odor-free and provides patients with a soft and comfortable experience

    • Individually Wrapped: Individually wrapped suction toothbrushes stay fresh

    As a professional suction swab toothbrush supplier, MUNKCARE provides high quality oral swabs and suction toothbrushes with custom on-demand service. All of our mouth swabs have passed related certifications, welcome to select your interested oral care products and contact us for detailed information!

    Suction swab toothbrush advantage

    Our advantages over other sticks or toothbrushes are:

    1. Chemicals are rejected, all materials are medical grade.

    2. Durable, the head does not fall off when used.

    3. Individually packaged hospital oral swabs to avoid contamination

    4. All materials and processes are strictly controlled to ensure product health


    How to use suction swab toothbrush?

    • Peel off the cap to open, remove the suction swab and connect it to the suction tube.

    • Clean your teeth and mouth for about 1 minute.

    • To aspirate, place your thumb on the port.

    • Repeat cleaning with other swabs as needed.

    • To clean the tubing, flush with sterile saline or an appropriate solution.

    • Discard after use. Use up to 4 times a day or as directed by a professional.

    • Children under 12: Supervised use.

    • Children under 3 years: Consult a professional.

    • Use a bite block when giving oral care to someone who has an altered level of consciousness or is unable to understand commands.

    • Make sure the foam is intact after use. If not, remove any particles from your mouth

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