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ICU sponge swab
  • ICU sponge swab
  • ICU sponge swab
ICU sponge swab ICU sponge swab

ICU sponge swab

    Sponge Swab Product details

    Name: ICU sponge swab

    Material: sponge head with stick,etc.

    Size: customized

    Color: white,pink,green, blue, yellow,customized.

    Packing: customized

    Application: medical using, Home care, wound care,etc

    Shape: customized

    Certificate: CE, ISO,SGS,FDA, FSC

    Payment: TT, LC,Paypal,Payoneer etc

    OEM/ODM available

    Quality assurance:

    1. Skillful staff, veteran management, advanced machine, mature technology

    2. Standardized production line

    3. Manufactured in Class 100,000 Cleanroom

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    ICU sponge swab Description:

    1. The connecting pipe elbow is of flexible design, in line with ergonomic design, and meets the scratch requirements

    2. Acid-resistant and corrosion-resistant polyester sponge head, suitable for all kinds of oral care solution, soft and comfortable, does not hurt the oral soft tissue, does not drop chips, connected with a firm tube, it can also withstand the force of 4KGs, but will not fall off

    3, the end of the negative pressure suction controller, can be directly connected to the negative pressure suction device, nursing personnel can directly control the suction intensity.

    Sponge swab Application:

    Hospital /ICU/ dental clinic/Home care/private oral care

    Oral care for patients with unconsciousness, sputum aspiration, etc

    Effectively address oral hygiene issues in unconscious /ICU/ disabled patients

    Sponge swab advantages:

    1, can effectively clean oral sputum and secretions, improve the cleanliness of patients' oral cavity, avoid and reduce lung infection.

    2, reduce the workload of nurses, simple and safe operation.

    3. Reduce the infection rate, speed up the recovery of patients, and improve the bed turnover rate.