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Discover our top-grade sponge sticks designed for medical procedures, oral care and home use. Unmatched absorption, biocompatibility, and convenience in one package.

Types and Advantages of Sponge Sticks:

Oral Sponge Sticks

1. Individually Wrapped: Each package contains individually wrapped swabs, ensuring hygiene and convenience.

2. Gentle and Effective: The soft foam heads are gentle on gums, while the perpendicular ridges help clean between teeth and provide a soothing gum massage.

3. Latex-Free: These oral swabs are latex-free, minimizing the risk of allergies or skin irritations.

Elevate your oral care routine with our Toothette Oral Swabs. Trusted by nurses, they are perfect for maintaining oral hygiene in hospital and long-term care settings.

Medical Sterile PVA Eye Spear

1. Exceptional Absorption: This PVA eye sponge boasts remarkable liquid absorption capabilities, setting it apart from ordinary swabs. It can absorb over 7 times its weight in body fluids, ensuring a clean and efficient procedure.

2. Medical-Grade Assurance: Our medical sponge sticks meet rigorous biocompatibility standards, ensuring they won't harm the body's surface. They're particularly gentle on sensitive areas like the cornea and nerves, making them ideal for ophthalmic and neurosurgical procedures.

3. Eco-Friendly Production: Unlike many competitors, we've perfected our production process, enhancing sponge cleanliness and reducing environmental impact. Plus, our sponges shed fewer fibers during use, making procedures safer and more efficient.

Upgrade your medical toolkit with our Medical Sterile PVA Eye Spear Eye Sponge. It's the trusted choice of healthcare professionals worldwide.

Sponge Clean Stick

1. Superior Edge Sealing: Our advanced edge sealing and heat radiation technology ensure that the sponge head remains securely fixed to the handle. Say goodbye to adhesive-related contamination.

2. Excellent Material: With low ion content and exceptional liquid absorption, these sticks can be used with 99% high-purity industrial alcohol for effective cleaning.

3. Easy to Use: The high-quality polypropylene rod handle reduces dust particles, protecting sensitive components during use.

4. Vacuum Packaging: To maintain optimal cleanliness, all our sponge sticks are vacuum-packed, ensuring they retain their excellent performance.

Upgrade your cleaning arsenal with Sponge On a Stick For Cleaning, the epitome of efficiency and reliability.


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