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Paper Stick Sponge Swab
  • Paper Stick Sponge Swab
Paper Stick Sponge Swab

Paper Stick Sponge Swab

    Product details

    Name: oral swab sticks

    Material: sponge head with stick,etc.

    Size: customized

    Color: white,pink,green, blue, yellow,customized.

    Packing: customized

    Application: medical using, Home care, wound care,etc

    Shape: customized

    Certificate: CE, ISO,SGS,FDA, FSC

    Payment: TT, LC,Paypal,Payoneer etc

    OEM/ODM available

    Quality assurance:

    1. Skillful staff, veteran management, advanced machine, mature technology

    2. Standardized production line

    3. Manufactured in Class 100,000 Cleanroom

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    The oral swab stick aims to make patients wet the mouth naturally. Dry sponges are more attractive to some patients for it can be wetting when cleaning and refreshing. The paper stick sponge swab is very suitable for reliable and refreshing patients with oral problems. Wave design can achieve unparalleled gap cleaning. Unthically, the oral cavity, teeth, and gums of patients with unprepared gentle cleaning, moisturizing and fresh patients with no residual aftertaste. The improved design is soft and comfortable, and the special ridge-shaped opening foam can provide better cleaning effect.

    The foam tip swab uses polyurethane sponge that does not include a bactericides, which is attached to the plastic or paper handle and packed in a sterile leakage bag. Stick Sponge can collect samples without directly processing sponges to make it easier to enter the oral cavity.

    Paper stick sponge swab features

    Safety materials:

    Made of sponge and plastic material. The foam head is soft enough to avoid accidental injuries. The plastic handle with appropriate length is convenient for you to clean the oral cavity.


    Cotton swabs are suitable for gently cleaning, moisturizing, refreshing oral cavity, preventing teeth sensitivity or disease, and at the same time achieve the effect of protection and cleaning.


    First use water or mouthwash to wet the tip of the foam, and then gently wipe each tooth surface with a cotton swab, and lift the foam ridge to effectively remove some food residues and mucus.

    If you are looking for wholesale medical care nursing home swab, please do not hesitate to contact us for your special requirements!