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Why Use A Makeup Sponge Instead of A Brush or Finger?

Jan. 11, 2022

Makeup sponges are crucial to creating the perfect base. There are tons of different shapes, sizes and textures on the market today, so knowing what to buy can be a bit of a minefield. Before we introduce you to the best foundation blenders in the business, we thought it best to get some information from the pros about why we should all be using sponges.

Learn about makeup sponges, what they do, and why everyone needs one in their kit.

How do you use makeup sponges?

Moistened sponges can blend foundation more effectively and evenly than fingers or brushes, and they also allow for a denser, more precise (e.g., baked) dusting of powder than brushes.

Make-Up Sponge

 Make-Up Sponge

Most sponges are made of hydrophilic foam that can absorb water, and you wet them before you use them so they don't absorb any liquid products you might use.

Why use a makeup sponge instead of a brush or finger?

Many people find that sponges bounce off the skin more evenly than using fingers or brushes. You can also wash the cosmetic sponge quickly and easily immediately after use, so some people find them more hygienic. I think it depends on personal preference when it comes to the finish you want to achieve.

So, are you more likely to get an even finish with a sponge?

Yes, the act of 'bouncing' the sponge on the foundation is a very good way to ensure you create an even base. Most sponges have a combination of flat edges for powder (and precision) and rounder sides for foundation, which means they don't leave streaks or scratches on the skin like some brushes, especially dirty brushes, do. The rounder the sponge, the easier it is to apply foundation. Flatter sponges have a similar effect, but may take longer to achieve the same results.

Make-Up Sponge

 Make-Up Sponge

What's your favorite makeup sponge?

Soft rounded edges for foundation application, a slightly pointed tip for concealer to reach the area around the nose, and then a flatter surface perfect for powder.

What is the best way to care for your makeup sponge?

Always rinse the sponge immediately after use. This will prevent product and bacteria from building up in the sponge. There are many sponge soaps available, but a little mild shampoo will do. Wring out as much water as possible and let it air dry (this takes a few hours, so I keep mine on the side of the bathroom). Avoid putting a damp sponge away as it can get moldy.

So whether you want a sponge to blend your foundation, baking powder or contour your cheekbones, here are the best sponges to help you create the perfect base. Welcome to contact us today or request a quote. 

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