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Why Should You Wet Your Makeup Sponge?

Nov. 11, 2022

Makeup sponges have been a favorite of makeup artists for many years, and they are finally becoming popular in other parts of the world. Makeup sponges provide a quick, easy way to apply many kinds of base makeup.Using sponges such as Beauty Blender leaves gorgeous, even makeup that can't be imitated by other beauty tools. However, if you use it incorrectly, it can also make your wallet thinner. This is why you should always wet your makeup sponge before using it:

Save products (and money! ).

The first reason to wet the sponge is to save the product.

If you don't wet the sponge first, it will absorb expensive products like water. Do you think it hurts a little bit?

The first step is to wet the sponge thoroughly and let it expand completely. Then, when you apply foundation or other products on it, it is already full of water and will not absorb so many products, saving you a lot of products and money.

     Make-Up Sponge

 Make-Up Sponge      

For better performance.

When your makeup sponge is wet, it will make the product easier to use. It goes more smoothly and ends with a uniform, striped-free effect.

If your skin is dry, this is a particularly good method because there is no brush to produce flakes on the surface. Your skin will like extra moisture!

However, it is important to note that too much water will dilute the product and damage the texture, so be sure to wring it dry after full expansion.

Make-Up Sponge

  Make-Up Sponge

For better hygiene.

It may also be more hygienic to make sure that the beauty mixer is wet before use. Because it is already full of water, the product cannot go deep into a sponge that is difficult to clean.

Because the product is mainly on the surface, easier cleaning means less bacterial growth.

If you use a makeup sponge to smear your favorite product, do yourself a favor and make sure you always get it wet first. This will not only save you products and money, but also provide you with the glowing and beautiful makeup you are looking for.

How to use a beauty blender: get wet.

Beauty blenders are different from previous products in two ways-their shapes, yes, and you should soak them in water. Say what?! Yeah, really. The beauty mixer is made of special materials and does not absorb too much cosmetics when it is wet. Instead, it stays on the surface, where it can be easily transferred to your skin.

How to choose the shape of beauty mixer?

Unlike a simple disc sponge, you can do almost anything with a beauty blender. The big end smoothes the foundation, and the tapered tip is perfect for concealer, and you can even flip it to the side to blend those sharp lines when shaping the profile, or tap off excess products.

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