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The Correct Way to Use The Makeup Sponge

Sep. 02, 2022

The correct way to use the makeup sponge is as follows.


Preparation materials: makeup sponge


1. Before using the makeup sponge must be wet, so that it remains moist state, put in the water dipped. Just pinch the moisture in the makeup sponge, then use a paper towel to absorb the moisture on the surface of the makeup sponge, so that the treated makeup sponge can be used to apply makeup.


2. Use the makeup sponge gently spread outward slowly extend the effect will be very natural, slowly push away.


3. With the pressed way to push the foundation, so that the makeup can be more flatter, and will not appear a piece of the situation, the makeup can be more natural.

4. The use of makeup sponge does not need to clean it after each use, which is also very damage to its service life. The frequency of cleaning in 3-5 days is fine.


     Make-Up Sponge

 Make-Up Sponge      

The correct way to use the makeup sponge

1. Apply foundation

Mistake: dry makeup sponge directly on the foundation / foundation directly squeezed on the makeup sponge on the face


Consequences: cause a lot of eating powder, powder, do not fit


The correct way to use: Wet the makeup sponge with warm water, squeeze the moisture from the egg with your hands, and then use a face washcloth to absorb the moisture. Apply the foundation evenly on the face, and then pat away with the makeup sponge


2. Apply loose powder

Mistake: directly dip the makeup egg into the loose powder on the whole face


Consequences: fake foundation, heavy


The correct way to use: the same as the previous step to wet the egg, the bottom of the egg dip the appropriate amount of loose powder, flicking excess loose powder with your hands and then on the face, so that the base makeup effect is clear


3. On blush

Mistake: blush cream directly on the face / dip the egg directly into the blush cream


Consequences: uneven blush color / heavy makeup


The correct way to use it: Take an appropriate amount of blush cream and wipe it onto the back of your hand, then dip the back of your hand into the makeup egg and pat it onto your face.

Make-Up Sponge

  Make-Up Sponge


How to clean the makeup sponge?

You can use a special cleaning solution for makeup sponges, or you can use soap or cleanser for cleaning. Apply soap or cleanser to the surface of the egg where it touches the makeup, dip it in water, and squeeze out the dirty water by pressing your fingers continuously. Never twist and distort the makeup sponge.


Functions of the makeup sponge


The tip of the makeup sponges is easy to fit the contours of your features. You can dip your fingers into the contouring product and apply it to your face, then gently puff it away with the tip of the egg. The result will be very natural.


Makeup Removal

You read that right! A makeup sponge is perfect for removing hard to remove makeup. You can start by dipping the egg into the makeup remover. The pointed tip will remove the corners of your eyes and mouth, while the round tip will remove stubborn makeup from your eyelids and chin.


Rescue over-applied blush

What if you accidentally apply too much blush? Use the large round head of the egg to press the face to take away the excess blush and make the skin tone more even. The same applies to excess lipstick, highlighter, nose shadow, etc.

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