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Is Acoustic Foam Worth Buying?

Dec. 20, 2021

Acoustic foam is a lightweight material made from extruded melamine foam or polyurethane. It is highly porous and is commonly used to enhance or alter the sound characteristics of a room. Despite its increased use in acoustic treatments, acoustic foam does not play all the important roles of sound insulation, which often leads to the question: Is acoustic foam worth buying?


Acoustical foam is worth buying if you want to attenuate airborne sound waves. By applying acoustic foam to ceilings, doors and walls, you will be able to control overall vibration, noise levels and echoes. However, if you want to soundproof a room, acoustic foam can be disappointing.


What are the advantages of using acoustical foam?

Although acoustical foam does not soundproof a room or space, it does offer several advantages that can make it a worthwhile investment. In this section, we will shed light on some of the main advantages of using acoustic foam.

Egg Style Acoustic Foam Panel

 Egg Style Acoustic Foam Panel

Acoustic foam reduces noise pollution

Sound waves, similar to light, can pass through small holes, walls and ceiling openings. Therefore, places such as churches, gymnasiums, restaurants, home theaters, manufacturing facilities, offices and auditoriums can be great sources of noise if the sound waves from the inside are not altered or absorbed.


Fortunately, acoustical foam can help reduce or modify noise because acoustical foam is porous and can easily absorb noise. By controlling the reverberation produced by sound, acoustic foam helps keep sound waves manageable, thus reducing noise.


Acoustic foam enhances sound quality

In addition to absorbing sound, acoustic foam panels help to improve the audio quality in a room. Depending on the application, acoustical foam is often cut tiles in a variety of shapes, from egg-shaped to pyramidal, square, irregular rectangular and wedge-shaped. These unique shapes allow acoustical foam panels to handle both high and mid frequencies.

Pyramid Shape Acoustic Foam

 Pyramid Shape Acoustic Foam

To improve the quality of sound in a room, experts will install acoustic foam in corners or in critical areas where the best mix is needed. The acoustic foam will act as a bass trap to help reduce the effects of sound echoes and noisy noises in large auditoriums or small rooms.


Acoustic foam panels perform their function of reducing the amplitude of sound waves by using them as heat dissipation. This explains why you need to leave a good air gap between the walls and the panels so that the acoustic foam dissipates the sound energy and converts it into heat.


Acoustical foam improves the aesthetics of a room

In addition to its important role in absorbing sound and reducing echoes and high frequency noise, acoustic foam also helps to improve the aesthetics of a room. Acoustic foam panels come in different shapes and colors, which means that their addition to walls, corners or ceilings will enhance the overall appearance of a space.


Acoustic foam is cheap

Compared to other sound improvement or noise neutralization techniques, acoustic foam is very affordable and easy to obtain. In addition, installing acoustic foam is a relatively simple process that does not require much time or effort. While some acoustical foam varieties tend to be expensive, finding an affordable but still effective acoustical foam profile should not be a daunting task.

If you want to get more information about the types of acoustic foam , welcome to contact us today or request a quote.  

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