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Difference between Yoga Mat and Exercise Mat

Jun. 15, 2021

Our bodies need at least half an hour of exercise a day to stay healthy. From doing basic yoga poses to aerobics, strength training and Pilates - whatever exercise you choose, you must have the right equipment and gear to do it properly. This article aims to distinguish between an exercise mat and a yoga mat.


What is a yoga mat?

Depending on your preference, you can choose a yoga mat made of vinyl or PVC, recycled rubber, organic or natural cotton and jute fibers. Each offers varying degrees of sponginess, but most practitioners prefer sponges made of PVC. However, if you are allergic to latex, be wary of natural rubber yoga mats.

We know that these mats are used to help practice low-impact exercises such as different types of yoga. Having said that, the stickiness and texture of the material is also taken into consideration when buying a yoga mat. Among the different types of yoga mats, those made of PVC have the highest stickiness and a slightly textured but softer feel. If you want to get more information about the best yoga mat wholesale price, welcome to contact us.

Yoga Mat

 Yoga Mat 

What is an exercise mat?

Exercise mats are about one to two inches thick. They are most commonly used for professional sports such as gymnastics and martial arts training. They are also most often used by fitness enthusiasts who prefer to perform floor-based workout routines such as Russian curls and plank supports.


When purchasing an exercise mat, check its comfort, thickness and moisture resistance. For hygiene purposes, most people prefer exercise mats made of vinyl because they are easy to wipe clean. Also look for mats that are foldable, lightweight and portable.

Exercise mats vs. yoga mats: their similarities and differences

With so many different types of workout mats to choose from, most of us are understandably overwhelmed and confused. We can't help but ask ourselves if we are investing our money in the right product for our intended purpose.


With that said, is there really a difference between an exercise mat and a yoga mat? The simple answer is: yes, of course! Each type of exercise mat has a different function. Therefore, the thickness of yoga mats and exercise mats is important because yoga mats are used for low-impact workouts while exercise mats are used for high-intensity fitness programs.


The biggest difference between yoga mats and exercise mats is their thickness. Generally speaking, exercise mats are thicker than yoga mats, with the thickest variation being only 1/4 inch. This is because certain yoga poses require a strong connection between the user's body and the floor surface.


Yoga mats are specially fabricated mats designed for low impact exercises. This is the reason why they are thinner as compared to other workout mats. Its thinness gives the user just the right amount of cushion while also allowing for a strong connection to the floor, which is an important factor when practicing yoga.


The most common yoga and exercise mats are made of PVC. This is because it is very easy to clean and very durable, usually lasting for several years before showing any signs of wear. PVC is also lightweight and affordable, making it easy to access a more diverse market.

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