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Closed-cell And Open-cell Foams: Which One to Choose

Nov. 18, 2022

Selecting the right foam material for a medical application can be a very challenging task. Not only do different foams have different pore structures and properties, but foams from the same material family may also have very different density and stiffness specifications, which can greatly affect their performance. We will work with you to determine the properties required to make your packaging or product perform as expected.


Closed-Cell Foams

Closed cell foams such as polyethylene foam and cross-linked polyethylene foam are commonly used in medical device packaging and component solutions.


Cross-linked polyethylene foam (XLPE)

Cross-linked polyethylene foam (XLPE) is a closed cell foam that is characterised by its compact feel and water resistance. It has many of the same properties as polyethylene foam, but also has the ability to protect 'A' grade surfaces, making it widely used in the packaging of medical products and devices.

 Medical PE Foam


Nitrogen-impregnated XLPE foam provides a non-toxic, hypoallergenic, latex-free solution that can come into direct contact with the skin and be used in the operating theatre.


Moulding is commonly used when manufacturing components, packaging and products using closed-cell XLPE foam. This manufacturing method provides a unique finish that is both aesthetically pleasing and provides the necessary cushioning and support.


Polyethylene foam (PE)

Polyethylene foam (PE) is a durable, lightweight, resilient, closed-cell material. It is often used for packaging sensitive instruments and equipment due to its excellent vibration damping and insulating properties. It is also highly resistant to chemicals and moisture.


PE foam is easy to process and manufacture. Its high load-bearing properties help manufacturers to reduce their packaging costs as they can use thinner and smaller amounts of foam and still protect their products.


Polyurethane Foam Tray

Polyurethane Foam Tray      

We use these materials in the following solutions.

Protective packaging

Patient comfort

Wearable devices


Open-cell foams

MUNKCARE uses a range of medical grade open cell foams such as polyurethane and reticulated polyurethane foams that are commonly used in a variety of medical applications and packaging solutions.

Needle Collector Foam

 Needle Collector Foam


Polyurethane foam (PU)

Polyurethane foam (PU) is characterised by its light weight, elasticity, low odour and high resistance to mould and mildew. It provides excellent cushioning and is widely used in applications such as bedding.


This open-cell foam is often used in medical packaging where abrasion resistance is required. It is available in two main types, polyether and polyester, in a variety of densities and colours.


Reticulated polyurethane

Reticulated polyurethane foam is widely used in the medical industry because it is easy to clean, impermeable to microorganisms and can be made with fungicidal and bactericidal additives for added safety. Reticulated polyurethane foam can even be infused with substances to obtain other unique properties.


It is commonly used in the manufacture of products involved in filtration, sound absorption, fluid management, wiping and filling. This range of materials has high tensile, elongation and tear properties.


We use these materials in the following solutions.

Protective packaging

Patient comfort

Wearable devices

Infection prevention

Wound care


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