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What is the Method of Collecting Wound Secretions?

Mar. 06, 2021

1. Open abscess

After scrubbing the surface of the lesion with sterile normal saline, use a sterile swab dipped in sterile normal saline to collect pus and secretions from the deep part of the lesion, and place them in a sterile test tube for inspection.

Pay attention to try to take the pus at the junction of purulent tissue and normal tissue, because most of the bacteria in the center of the pus have died, and there are more live bacteria at the junction, which will increase the positive rate. Open lesions cannot be cultured anaerobic.

Specimen Collection Swab

Specimen Collection Swab

2. Atresia abscess

Generally, puncture or surgical drainage is adopted. Before collection, use 2.5-3% iodine tincture and 75% alcohol to disinfect the surrounding skin, and then use a sterile syringe to extract pus for testing; you can also use a sterile cotton swab to sample when the pus is cut and drained. The skin on the surface of the abscess should be disinfected and then taken with a sterile syringe, pierced into a sterile rubber stopper and sent for inspection.

3. Burn wounds

Debride the wound, use a swab to forcefully collect the specimen from the base or edge of the lesion after the exudate appears, and only do aerobic culture. You can also send tissue specimens.

4. Pustules or blisters

Sterilize with alcohol, dry, pick up the pustules with a needle (23 gauge needle for children), and collect pustular fluid and basal specimens with a swab.

Precautions during the acquisition

① Antibacterial drugs or disinfectants should be avoided in the local lesion before sampling, and should be taken before medication.

②For most open wounds, the wounds should be debrided before collection to remove the surface flora.

③Unless there is exudate, dry and crusted wounds are generally not cultured.

④For closed abscess, exudate and abscess wall specimens should be taken, and swabs should not be used. The treatment of open abscesses is the same as that of open wounds.

⑤Don't just send pus for examination. Samples should be collected from the active area or base of the lesion, preferably tissue samples.

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