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How to Save Oral Swabs for Paternity Testing?

Mar. 22, 2021

How to save oral swabs for paternity testing? Oral swab samples are mostly collected by children and are suitable for younger babies. The use of swabs as a sample for paternity testing is a routine sample for DNA privacy paternity testing, which is highly concealed and non-invasive.

Specimen Collection Swab

Specimen Collection Swab

More importantly, oral swab samples are suitable for people of all ages and become the first choice for personal paternity testing. So for those who want to use oral swabs for paternity testing, how should the oral swab samples in DNA testing be preserved?

We all know that the sample for the paternity test is a prerequisite for the paternity test, and whether the sample is collected correctly is directly related to the accuracy of the paternity test result. Therefore, it is recommended that the parties involved in paternity test choose to provide test samples by themselves, they should contact the professionals of the corresponding test agency in advance to obtain the correct sample collection method. The following points should be noted when collecting oral swab samples:

Avoid touching the tip of the cotton swab with your hands. Please rinse your mouth with clean water before collection. The samples collected by the above methods can be stored in a dry environment for 2-3 months; the oral swabs should be dried in the shade and put in a paper envelope to prevent the oral swabs from being mildewed and affecting the detection; the oral swabs of different people need to be separated Store and make identification.

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