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Application Of Disinfection Sponge Stick

May. 11, 2018

Disposable medical sponge sticks belong to medical supplies, in particular to external disinfection tools. The product is composed of a plastic injection molding disinfecting stick (or paper pole) and sponge. The sponge can be used in different parts of the human body, the crowd likes and customizes a variety of styles, such as plum-shaped, hexagonal, zigzag, sponge fixed installation At the end of the sterilization rod.

The medical grade microporous sponge is used for the product, and it is a completely natural biodegradable polymer material with excellent liquid-absorbing performance and extremely soft surface when in contact with human body. At the same time, the sponge has excellent liquid absorption performance, high aperture ratio and high strength, and the surface is extremely soft when in contact with human body, and is widely used in clinical trauma surgery, especially in the field of negative pressure drainage. Discarded large-pore sponges can be completely degraded and will not cause environmental pollution. This type of material is therefore used in modern surgical procedures to replace absorbent cotton and non-absorbent gauze and is widely used in international clinical procedures.

We are a professional Chinese supplier of medical sponge products. Our products include: Chemical Painting Brush, Clean Brush, etc. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us.

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