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Advantages Of Disposable Sponge Stick

May. 15, 2018

The sponge on the Disposable sponge stick is obtained by cross-linking and curing the polyvinyl alcohol molecular chain through a cross-linking agent. It does not contain fiber filaments or fiber heads, and there is no fiber shedding during use. During eye surgery, otolaryngology surgery, neurosurgery craniotomy and thoracic surgical heart surgery, it does not affect wound healing due to fiber shedding. According to different clinical purposes, if the sponge is loaded with appropriate accessories, it can also promote wound healing. At the same time, the sponges have good mechanical properties and can be processed into various shapes according to different surgical needs. Especially in the microsurgery used in the shape of the spine-shaped vampire sponge or sponge stick, it can quickly absorb the slight bleeding, to ensure that the operation is correct.

This kind of product has a simple manufacturing process with a new type, can be produced industrially, sanitary, and low in cost, and is very suitable for industrial production. Maybe in the future we will find more and more places to use this sponge stick.

We are a professional Chinese supplier of medical sponge products. Our products include: Disposable Clear Plastic Face Shield, Test Tube Clean Brush, etc. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us.

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